Geico Honda

Matt Bisceglia

Ending the 2014 season with AMA Pro Motocross Series Rookie of the Year honors, Matt Bisceglia is using his newly acquired knowledge to ramp up his sophomore season one race at a time.

"I'm very happy to have been named the Motocross Rookie of the Year," Bisceglia said. "The cool thing is moving forward, I'm still racing against the same guys I raced against last year. It's still going to be just as tough competition-wise, but I feel like I learned a lot from last year. I ended last season knowing what I needed to improve on, and that's what I continue to work on accomplishing."

After experiencing the highs and lows of being a rookie, Bisceglia continues to stick to his goal of continual improvement. With a new train of thought, the sophomore GEICO Honda rider is determined to complete his checklist of objectives.

"I had some good races last season and I had some races where I wasn't really happy with my finish," Bisceglia said. "The plan is to keep improving though. I'm taking it one round at a time, one track at a time. The hope is that having a good Supercross season carries over to the motocross season."

Another year on the professional Supercross and motocross circuits comes with an increased sense of confidence for Bisceglia. With a better understanding of what a typical season can hold for a rider, he feels he can now extract the absolute most from every track he visits.

"Having one full year of professional riding experience under my belt is a great feeling," Bisceglia said. "I know what to expect when I get to most of the tracks. Supercross is the only exception, but I do understand we have more of an equal playing field because no one knows the track ahead of time. I do know better what is realistic and what's not. I've found the limits in many cases."