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Southwick: 2017

Southwick, MA (July 8th, 2017) – Now into his third pro season, RJ Hampshire has been waiting for the pieces to fall into place so he could battle for a podium finish. At round seven of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, in the sand of Southwick, Massachusetts, Hampshire found his groove and put in his best performance in years, leading laps and finishing just short of the box with 5-4 finishes and fourth overall. Teammates Jeremy Martin (4-6 for fifth overall) and Chase Sexton (9-8 for eighth overall) made for three GEICO Hondas in the top ten.
“In the first moto, I almost had the holeshot, and I was feeling good, so I put in a sprint and got into the lead,” said Hampshire. “It was good, I haven’t been up front like that since I hit my head over a year ago. That felt good. Man, I felt awesome but then I made a mistake and threw it away through the rollers. I got up, and I felt good again! I was putting in laps and laps and then my rear brakes went out—I mean, that’s still not an excuse—but they went out halfway. So I got fifth, happy with that. We were in the battle. I wanted it bad in that second moto, got a good start and was behind Alex [Martin] but I couldn’t get around him. Then it started to rain and I couldn’t see, so I was going to just let him go, but then [Joey] Savatgy started to catch up. I picked it up a little bit, I ended up catching him [Alex Martin] again, so I said “Let’s give this thing another go!” I caught him and started really pushing some outsides, but I couldn’t see and I had no brakes. That probably wasn’t very smart! So had to take fourth. My bike is awesome right now—we’ve had some problems but you can tell we’re up there every week, and I have complete confidence in my team. I want that podium.”
Jeremy Martin wasn’t happy with his day, losing more ground in the series’ championship to leader Zach Osborne.
“Tough day at Southwick in the sand going 4-6 for 5th overall,” he said. “I struggled all day with the track and my starts didn’t make anything any easier on me.”
Sexton, in his fourth professional race, was aiming for two top-ten finishes, and he made it happen with the 9-8 scores.
“Qualifying was a little off, I was like 16th or something like that,” he said. “Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to Southwick at all. I come from Illinois so I’m not a big sand rider. But I took a nap after practice, woke up feeling good, and in the first moto I came from 20th to ninth and I felt pretty good about that. I was happy with my riding. Second moto I wanted another top ten, I got a decent start but Osborne kind of came over on me, I had to let him go, so I just pushed from there. I passed some people, then I passed Mitchell Harrison and rode the whole moto in seventh. Last lap I got into some lappers, he went around the outside and he got me. I was kind of bummed about that, but I still finished in the top ten, 9-8 on the day, which is not bad at all. I want to just get a good start and I feel with my speed I could be a top-five guy, but my starts have been awful. I’d like to get out front and try to go as hard as I can as long as I can. I feel at these last five races, they’re good tracks. So we’ll see what I can do.”
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4. RJ Hampshire
5. Jeremy Martin
8. Chase Sexton