Geico Honda


Seattle: 2017

Seattle, Washington, (April 8, 2017) –Jimmy Decotis served as the lone representative for the GEICO Honda race team for Monster Energy Supercross in Seattle, Washington’s Century Link Field, and the popular New Englander rode hard in another attempt to collect his first career top three. He found himself battling in second and third for most of the race, and then back to fourth during a fight late in the race. After fourth place finishes in his last two races, Decotis was determined to do one better, so he entered checkers-or-wreckers mode on the last lap, and crashed vying for third. The crash cost him a few positions, as he ultimately finished sixth.

“I wasn’t going to get fourth tonight, I was either going to get third or I was going to crash,” said Decotis. “It’s been a long seven weeks of having to think about getting two fourths at the last two races. During the break, I rode with Coop [Cooper Webb] and AP [Aaron Plessinger] and we had fun. And during the week, I can hang right in there with them if I’m feeling good. So, AP and I had fun battling in the heat race. I’m starting to fight back when I’m up there, because I’m starting to believe in myself now. I was just trying to do my best, I gave it everything I had. Mitchell [Oldenburg] passed me [for third] and I thought maybe I was dropping off, but then I saw we were starting to catch back up to [second place rider Justin] Hill. I knew we had two laps to go, so I laid it down and went as fast as I could on the next to last lap. Going to the white flag, I just missed the rut coming up the jump. And if I had hit the finishline jump, it would have been bad. I backed off at the last second, went into a mud hole, and a couple of guys ran into me. It ended up being a sixth, bummed about that, but I did everything I could. I passed a few guys back I put up a lot more fight than I have in the past, and I nailed all of my starts. That’s good progress.”

Decotis gets another brief break to think about the podium, as the series takes a weekend off for Easter before resuming at Salt Lake City on April 22nd. Decotis 250SX West Region teammate Jeremy Martin, who missed the Seattle race after a practice crash prior to the event, will be reevaluated before the Salt Lake City race.

GEICO Honda Results:

6. Jimmy Decotis